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At Fazit, we’ve developed a line of patch products designed to address common skin concerns that many people find embarrassing, with messaging that embraces "loving the skin you’re in."


Fazit’s innovative patches are designed to be a satisfying part of your daily routine. With their easy application, effective formulas, and fun peeling process, Fazit patches offer quick fixes and noticeable results.

Meet the Founders

With over a decade of experience in the modeling industry, Aliett understands the unattainable beauty standards set by pop culture, beauty and fashion industries. This awareness ignited a passionate determination to redefine such narratives.

Nina grew up with cosmetic doctor parents and over the past six years, she has dedicated herself to the beauty space while pursuing her master's degree in nutrition. Her strong background in chemistry and scientific principles has greatly contributed to her expertise in product innovation and the intricate world of skincare product development.

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