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Happy World Mental Health Day!

Happy World Mental Health Day

Fazit wanted to launch our inaugural blog today in honor of World Mental Health Day. Maybe you’re wondering what mental health has to do with skincare. If you have struggled with cystic acne we are sure you understand…But if blemishes are new for you, or if you’ve recently developed hormonal acne, then let us help you connect the dots.

Let’s face it / #letsfazit / everyday we consume hours of content from brands, media outlets, influencers and celebrities. Brands push products that promise “dewy”, “supple”, “glowing” skin. Their campaigns are re-touched and filtered, their models have clear skin! And remember, celebs have whole glam teams to work with before leaving the house. However, seeing this on a daily basis creates unconscious beauty standards we feel pressured to achieve.

Acne is a journey and some days are better than others. On the days our faces feel extra tight and red, inflamed, irritated, and not cooperative, we want to stay home, isolate ourselves, not go to school or see friends. Sometimes these feelings are physical because our skin hurts, but oftentimes these feelings are mental.

For us acne-prone skin types, we’re more likely to experience bullying, which makes us less likely to enjoy school, leaving us feeling embarrassed or like we are not looking our best. Psychologists have learned that those with acne often struggle earlier on with depression, anxiety, low self esteem, poor self image, and feelings of loneliness.

So on World Mental Health Day what can we do? We can be aware, we can self educate, we can check in with others, we can empathize, we can support, we can be kinder, and we can embrace natural beauty.

YOU Can:
Acknowledge the journey you are on with your skin
Be kinder to yourself and stop being so hard on yourself
Repeat positive affirmations like “My skin does not define me,” “Real skin is beautiful skin,” “Acne is not ugly,”
Talk with your family, friends, or doctors about how you are feeling
Wear makeup or rock your beautiful uncovered skin

Be a supportive community to you
Embrace all skin types, share unfiltered content of REAL skin
Normalize acne and other skin concerns
Provide you with mental health resources
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